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N100 Soft Router
Intel 12th Gen N100 PfSense Firewall Router
4 x INTEL I226 LAN+1 x HDMI,1x DP, 2 xUSB2.0, 2 xUSB3.0, 1x MIC, 1 x SPK+DC 12V-4A  -4xIntel...
Pfsense-Router N100
Pfsense Router 6 LAN Intel i226 2.5G i3 i5 i7 1265U N100
6 x INTEL I226 LAN+1 x COM,1 x HDMI, 2 xUSB2.0, 2 xUSB3.0, 1 x DP1 x MIC, 1 x SPK+DC12V-7A  –...
Fanless Box home router Firewall
Fanless Box Home Router Firewall GT2L2C
-2 x Realtek RTL8111  RJ45 LANs, 2xUSB3.0, 4xUSB2.0.-1xDDR3L SODIMM non-ecc ram slot, Max support...
Fanless Firewall PC 12th Gen Intel Celeron GT4L-V3 J6412 N100
Fanless Firewall PC 12th Gen Intel Celeron GT4L-V3 J6412 N100
-4xIn-tel i225-V B3 2.5G RJ45 LANs, 2xUSB3.2, 4xUSB2.0.-1xDDR4 SODIMM non-ecc ram slot, support...
12th Gen 2.5G Soft Router Celeron J6412
12th Gen 2.5G Firewall PC Appliance Celeron J6412
– 4 x Intel i226-V 2.5G RJ45 LANs, 2xDB9 RS232 COM, 2xUSB3.0, 4xUSB2.0– Fanless...
Micro Firewall Appliance 4 Intel 2.5GbE NIC
Mini PC Soft Router Firewall 4 LAN 11th Gen I3 I5 I7
4 x Intel i225-V B3(2.5G network card), 4 x Intel i226-V+1 x HDMI, 1 x DP+2 x USB3.0+2 x USB2.0+1x...
Firewall Appliance Soft Router PC I5 8265U, 6 x LAN, AES-NI
6 x Intel i225 / i226-V+1 x COM RJ45+1 x COM RS232+1 x HDMI,4 x USB3.0 Intel Core i5 8260U...
Fanless Mini PC 12th Gen Intel Celeron J6412 J6413
Mini Firewall PC 4 LAN Celeron J6412 J6413
4 x Intel i226-V+1 x COM+1 x HDMI, 1 x DP+1 x USB3.0+5 x USB2.0+1x MIC, 1 x SPK -4xIntel i225-V/i226-V...
Micro Firewall Appliance 4 Intel 2.5GbE NIC
Mini PC Soft Router Firewall 4 LAN 11th Gen I3 I5 I7
4 x Intel i225-V B3(2.5G network card), 4 x Intel i226-V+1 x HDMI, 1 x DP+2 x USB3.0+2 x USB2.0+1x...
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Unveiling the Power of Firewall PC: A Comprehensive Guide

firewall pc

A firewall PC is our solid network security guardian in the network virtual environment and the first layer of defense against network crises. In an era of tremendous information changes and accelerated data flow, how can people prevent network security risks? How to choose our firewall PC equipment?


Understand the concept of a firewall PC


Firewall PC support multiple OS


A firewall PC is a device that guards the security of the network. It acts as a digital sentinel and is responsible for standing guard at the entrance of the system to intercept all external Trojans and malicious users. Prevent unauthorized and licensed users from accessing the network. A set of security rules checks incoming and outgoing traffic at system entrances to identify enemies and deter threats.


how does a firewall pc work




The core function of a firewall PC revolves around the surveillance and management of both incoming and outgoing network traffic. This is accomplished through the enforcement of predefined security rules, serving as a proactive defense mechanism. In essence, the firewall PC acts as a vigilant overseer, regulating the flow of data in and out of a network based on predetermined criteria, thereby enhancing the overall security and integrity of the digital environment.

Types of Firewall PCs

  1. Hardware Firewalls

These are standalone devices that serve as a barrier between your internal network and the vast realm of the internet. Known for their robust defense mechanisms, hardware firewalls provide an added layer of protection.


  1. Software Firewalls

Installed directly on your computer, software firewalls are the first line of defense against potential threats. They scrutinize data packets, ensuring only authorized information enters or exits your system.

The Crucial Role of Firewall PCs in Cybersecurity

  1. Intrusion Prevention

Firewalls proactively identify and block suspicious activities, preventing unauthorized access to your system. This ensures that potential threats are nipped in the bud before they can compromise your data.

  1. Securing Sensitive Data

In a time dominated by the significance of data, ensuring the protection of sensitive information takes precedence. firewall PCs play a pivotal role in securing confidential data, ensuring that it remains in the right hands.

  1. Malware Defense

By scrutinizing incoming data packets, firewalls act as a barrier against malware. They detect and neutralize viruses, Trojans, and other malicious software, safeguarding your system from potential harm.

  1. Network Monitoring

A firewall PC constantly monitors network traffic, providing real-time insights into potential vulnerabilities. This proactive approach allows users to address security concerns promptly.

How to Choose the Right Firewall PC for You


  1. Assess Your Needs

Before selecting a firewall PC, assess your specific requirements. Consider factors such as the size of your network, the sensitivity of your data, and the level of control you desire.


  1. Hardware vs. Software: Finding the Balance

Depending on your needs, opt for a hardware or software firewall, or even a combination of both. The key lies in striking a balance that aligns with your security goals.


  1. Features and Security Settings

Different firewalls come with varying features and security settings. Assess your specific needs to determine which features are essential for your cybersecurity. Look for features such as intrusion detection, real-time threat monitoring, and customizable security settings to tailor the firewall to your preferences.


  1. Additional Security Features

Beyond the basics, consider whether the firewall offers additional security features that align with your requirements. Some firewalls come with features like VPN integration, ad blocking, and advanced threat analytics. Assess these additional features to determine if they add value to your cybersecurity setup.

The firewall PC emerges as a non-negotiable component of your defense strategy. By understanding its functions and selecting the right type for your needs, you fortify your digital fortress against potential threats. Invest in a robust firewall PC today and elevate your cybersecurity to new heights.


Firewall PC GF1000


The firewall PC produced and developed by JIERUICC is mainly based on dual network ports, 4 network ports, 6 network ports, and 8 network ports. The aluminum alloy shell is sturdy and durable. Most of them are fanless designs, dustproof, and have a long service life.


The machine is small but rich in interfaces, including intel i210 i211 i225 i226 and other Gigabit network ports, USB3.0 fast transmission interface, VGA and HDMI dual-screen display, RS232 COM port, and RJ45 console port. onboard SIM Card slot, support 3G/4G module network. Compatible with mainstream operating systems and firewall software, such as pfSense | Arista | UniFi | Sophos | Fortinet | Meraki, etc…

JIERUICC’s firewall PC can support multiple CPUs such as Intel Celeron (N2840, j4125, J6412, N5105, N5100, etc…) and core i3 i5 i7 (4th to 13th generation). Please choose the correct processor according to your project needs.


Below are some hot-selling firewall PCs recommend GT4L,GT4L-V2, GT4L-V3, GT6L, GT5L(POE),GT196L for your reference!


In addition, we can also provide OEM/ODM service to custom your firewall PC according to your specific needs to meet your project needs. Please contact us to purchase the most cost-effective firewall PC.

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