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Jieruicc is a Reliable Leading Mini PC Manufacturer.

Jieruicc is a leading Mini PC Manufacturer and OEM Mini PC Supplier in CHINA. From the very beginning of the company, it has been producing different types of fanless mini PCs including fanless industrial PCs, fanless Firewall PCs, fanless Panel PCs, etc. The purpose of industrial PCs is to provide support in harsh environments and by taking as little place as possible. The fanless design gives the mini pc with stable performance without moveable parts.

In addition, it can prevent dust from entering the internal space of the mini computer and extend the service life.

Aside from fanless mini PCs and industrial computers, the company also manufactures and provides network appliances, industrial panel PCs, gaming PCs, thin clients, and other accessories. All of these products are made of high-quality components. These products are durable and suitable for rugged situations which makes them ideal for industrial use. Along with that, they are energy-efficient and space-saving. Fanless products like fanless mini PCs come with high-quality heat sinks to allow the computer to stay at a preferable temperature.

We have exported these products to more than 40 countries all around the globe and because of our quality, we have created a strong bond with our customers. Aside from the catalog products, we also provide customized service to our customers. It allows the customers to find the best product for their condition.

The goal of the company is to develop the computing industry and become the most reliable industrial PC manufacturer. For that reason, we research the market and design & manufacture our products according to the market demands. Along with the fanless mini PC, we have other different mini-computer products of different configurations and purposes.

In this industrial PC manufacturer industry, we do not only provide products but services. We provide full OEM/ODM support. Jieruicc is a one-stop industrial PC manufacturer where we provide everything from design to manufacturing, and customization. One of the best things about Jieruicc is the products are cost-effective and customers can get high-quality products at a good price.

industrial pc manufacturer

As a responsible and reliable industrial PC manufacturer, we try to assure the best quality to the customers. For that reason, we are CE-certified and we have design patent certificates for different products. Speaking of quality, the company has very strict quality standards. All of the products are tested and made sure they match the quality before shipping them.

To learn more about our industrial PC manufacturer company or to buy fanless mini PCs, contact us at +86 15989483512 or email us at amy@greenthinpc.com

industrial pc manufacturer
industrial pc manufacturer
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