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poe mini industrial pc with 4lan,6com rs232 rs485
POE Industrial PC with 4LAN,6COM RS232 RS485,3Display Embedded Box PC
1*HDMI+1*VGA+1*DP+4LAN(Support POE)+GPIO+SIM Card slot+6*RS232+8USB+PS/2 Products Features –...
Fanless Industrial Mini PC I7 I5 I3 i5-7260U i7 8550U i7 8550U
I5 I7 Industrial Fanless Computer GT4500
1 x HDMI, 2 x LAN, 4 x USB 3.0, 4 x USB2.0,PS/2, 6 x  COM, Spk, Mic.1 x VGA -Intel® 6th 7th...
Industrial Fanless Mini PC 9th-10th Gen 2 LAN 3HDMI
3 x HDMI Fan-free Industrial Computer GT9000
3*HDMI+2LAN+GPIO+SIM Card slot+6*RS232+8USB+PS/2 Products Features – Brushed Full Aluminum...
Industrial Fanless Mini PC GT7000 with 6*COM / 2LAN / HDMI+VGA / 8USB
6COM 2LAN Industrial Fanless Mini PC GT7000
1*PS/2,6*RS232(3 line)+2*LAN, 1*GPIO, 1*HDMI(1.4), 1*VGA,1*MIC,1*SPK,2*USB3.0, 2*USB2.0   Products...
dual lan dual com rs232 dual hdmi 1dp display fanless mini pc gt6000
3Display Industrial BOX Computer GT6000
Products Features – Dual Gigabit Ethernet and 2 x RS232 COM ports. – Support HDMI2.0+HDMI1.4+DP...
Industrial Computer GT3000-00 (3)
Fanless Industrial Embedded Box PC GT3000
Products Features – 2*RS232 COM Port+1 x HDMI+1x VGA+1 x RJ45 Giga LAN+3 x USB2.0, 4...
6*RS232 COM Fanless Industrial PC
Fanless Industrial PC with 6COM Dual Nic GT4000
Products Features – 6*RS232 COM Port+2 x HDMI+2 x RJ45 Giga LAN+4 x USB2.0, 4 x USB3.0 –...

Top Fanless industrial PC supplier-JIERUICC

JIERUICC as a Professional manufacturer of Fanless industrial PCs for more than 10 years. With a commitment to quality and innovation, We specialize in providing state-of-the-art fanless industrial PC solutions for a wide range of industries.

Our fanless design ensures efficient cooling without the need for noisy fans, creating a peaceful and productive working environment. Backed by a team of skilled engineers, rigorous quality control processes, and unparalleled customer support, we deliver reliable and robust solutions that meet the demands of the most challenging industrial environments. Experience the power of fanless computing with JIERUICC!

A fanless industrial PC is a type of computer system specifically designed for use in industrial environments. Unlike traditional desktop computers, which typically rely on fans for cooling, fanless industrial PCs utilize passive cooling methods to dissipate heat generated by the components. these PCs utilize passive cooling methods such as heat sinks and Aluminum alloy shells to manage temperature. The absence of fans in these systems provides numerous advantages, such as improved reliability, reduced maintenance requirements, and resistance to dust, debris, and vibrations commonly found in industrial settings. Fanless industrial PCs are widely applied in various applications such as Factory manufacturing, automation production, AI, Medical care, smart transportation, and outdoor or rugged environments where reliable and durable computing solutions are needed

Fanless Industrial PC 

Why choose a Fanless industrial PC?

  • Reliability: Fanless industrial PCs have fewer moving parts, eliminating the risk of fan failure or malfunction. This improves overall system reliability and reduces the chance of downtime or system failure.
  • Dust and Debris Resistance: Fans in traditional computers can accumulate dust and debris over time, potentially leading to clogging and heat buildup. In contrast, fanless industrial PCs are designed to be sealed and have passive cooling mechanisms, making them more resistant to the ingress of dust, dirt, and other contaminants.
  • Noise Reduction: Fans can generate noise, which may be undesirable in certain industrial environments where low noise levels are crucial. The absence of fans in fanless industrial PCs eliminates this source of noise, making these systems quieter.
  • Vibration Resistance: In industrial environments, machinery and equipment often generate vibrations that can affect the performance and reliability of computer systems. Fanless industrial PCs, with their sturdy and robust construction, are better equipped to withstand vibrations, ensuring stable and uninterrupted operation.

Passive Cooling:

Fanless industrial PCs use passive cooling techniques such as heat sinks or heat pipes to dissipate heat generated by the components. This eliminates the need for fans, reducing the risk of fan failure and offering silent operation.

Enhanced Connectivity:

They offer a wide range of connectivity options, including multiple USB ports, Ethernet ports, com rs232 rs485 serial ports, and display outputs. This enables seamless integration with different devices, networks, and industrial systems.

Compliance with Industry Standards:

These PCs are designed to meet industry-specific standards and certifications, such as shock resistance, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and safety certifications.

Industrial-Grade Components:

 Fanless industrial PCs are equipped with industrial-grade components that are designed for longevity, reliability, and resistance to environmental factors. These components are typically rated for extended temperature ranges, ensuring continuous operation even in demanding conditions.

Environmental Conditions:

Industrial settings, such as manufacturing plants or outdoor installations, can expose computers to extreme temperatures, humidity, or corrosive elements. Fanless industrial PCs are built to withstand the harsh environmental conditions typically encountered in industrial settings, ensuring reliable and uninterrupted operation under challenging circumstances.

Fanless Industrial PC 

Overall, fanless industrial PCs combine robust construction, passive cooling, a wide operating temperature range, and industrial-grade components to deliver reliable and durable computing solutions for industrial applications. 

Fanless Industrial PC 

About JIERUICC’s Fanless industrial PCs

JIERUICC adapts fanless designs for industrial computers. it uses heat sinks distributed on almost the entire surface of the industrial computer chassis. It effectively solves the problem of high internal temperature of industrial computer chassis and prone to failure of cooling fans when working for a long time, and improves the stability and reliability of long-term operation of industrial computers on site. At the same time, fanless operation avoids the requirement for air convection, thus effectively preventing dust from entering the interior of the industrial computer. The cable-free design means that when the industrial computer is working in a high-temperature, strong-vibration environment, it will not malfunction due to the loosening of the welding joints of the cables. All circuits are firmly fixed inside the industrial computer using circuit boards. 

JIERUICC’s fanless industrial PC with the below features

  1. The aluminum alloy chassis that meets the “EIA” standard is used to enhance the ability to resist electromagnetic interference, and the entire chassis is equipped with a radiator to assist in CPU heat dissipation.
  2. Equipped with highly reliable industrial power supply and overvoltage and overcurrent protection.
  3. Support wake-on-LAN, watchdog, PXE Booting, and Auto power functions
  4. It is compact in size, thin in volume, and lightweight, so it can save working space.
  5. Various installation methods, such as guide rail installation, wall-mounted installation, and desktop installation.
  6. There is no fan in the chassis, and the passive cooling method greatly reduces the maintenance requirements of the system. 
Fanless Industrial PC 

7. JIERUICC’s fanless industrial computers use low-power Celeron and Core series processors, such as J4125/J6412/Core i3 i5 i7 4th generation, 5th generation, 7th generation, 8th generation, 10th generation, 11th generation, 12th generation processor, dual network port design, combined with industrial memory and Msata/M.2 high-speed hard drive, smooth data interaction and stable use. In terms of ports, it is equipped with dual display ports and three displays, multiple HDMI and DP interfaces, 2-6 serial ports RS232 RS422 RS485, and multiple USB channels to meet the needs of connecting external devices; the onboard SIM card slot design can support 4G modules, Bluetooth wireless WiFi module. It can be used in many industries, such as digital signage, smart education, conference and exhibition halls, logistics robots, automated factories, education, medical care, subways, airports, etc.

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