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poe mini industrial pc with 4lan,6com rs232 rs485
POE Industrial PC with 4LAN,6COM RS232 RS485,3Display Embedded Box PC
1*HDMI+1*VGA+1*DP+4LAN(Support POE)+GPIO+SIM Card slot+6*RS232+8USB+PS/2 Products Features –...
JIERUICC Industrial embedded pc GT1100 With 2LAN,Dual COM RS232,2HDMI 1DP Triple display for digital signage
Industrial Embedded PC 2LAN 2COM 2HDMI 1DP Triple Display for Digital signage
Products Features Dimension: 170*125*50MMCPU: Intel Alder Lake Gen12 N100 3.4GHz Quad Core...
industrial rugged pc j6412 n100
Industrial Rugged PC 2LAN 2COM GT660
Products Features Dimension:135mm(L)x127mm(W)x39mm(H)CPU: Intel 12th Gen N100/Celeron J6412GPU:...
Gpio dual lan industrial PC
Dual Nic Industrial PC with 6*RS232+2LAN+GPIO+SIM Card slot
6*RS232+2LAN+GPIO+SIM Card slot+8USB+VGA + HDMI dual display output Products Features – Brushed...
Industrial PC 10th Gen I5 1035G1/ I7 1065G7, SIM 4G, 2 COM, 4K 60Hz
10th Industrial Fan Mini PC GT8000
2*RS232+2LAN+SIM Card slot+8USB+2*HDMI dual display output Products Features – Brushed...
5G network industrial pc embedded box
5G Industrial Box PC GT1400
Products Features – 2 x Intel i225V 2.5G LAN and 2 x RS232/RS422/RS485 COM+4 x Expanded...
3 x HDMI Fanless Industrial Mini PC GT1300 with 2LAN 6 RS232 COM port 6USB port
3 HDMI Industrial Rugged PC GT1300
Products Features – 2 x Intel i225V 2.5G LAN and 6 x RS232 COM(2 x COM can change to...
fanless industrial computer with 2gigabit lan port 6COM RS232 8USB HDMI VGA Dual display 12V DC IN Mini Desktop Computer
Industrial Fanless Mini PC 2LAN 6COM GT4600
Products Features – 2 x RJ45 2.5GB i225-V Intel Giga LAN and 6 x RS232 COM(COM1/COM2...
Windows XP Industrial PC GT2000 (1)
Industrial PC Support Windows XP OS GT2000
Products Features – 4*RS232 COM Port+1x HDMI+1x VGA+2 x RJ45 Giga LAN+4 x USB2.0, 4 x...

Unleashing the Power of Embedded Box PCs: A Comprehensive Guide

embedded box pcs

In the fast-evolving landscape of technology, Embedded Box PCs have emerged as game-changers, seamlessly integrating power and versatility. This article dives deep into the realm of Embedded Box PCs, shedding light on their functionalities, applications, and why they are indispensable in the tech-driven era.


Understanding the Core: What Are Embedded Box PCs?

Embedded Box PCs, the silent heroes behind advanced computing, are compact, robust computing devices tailored for specific applications. These devices pack a punch, providing high-performance computing in a space-efficient design.

The Versatility of Embedded Box PCs

Embedded Box PCs find their applications across diverse industries, from manufacturing to healthcare, where reliability and performance are non-negotiable. Their adaptability to harsh environments and ability to operate 24/7 make them a go-to choice for critical tasks.

Unveiling the Applications: Where Embedded Box PCs Shine

  1. Industrial Automation Revolution

Embedded Box PCs play a pivotal role in the landscape of industrial automation. Their robust design and high computing capabilities make them ideal for powering manufacturing processes. From assembly lines to quality control, these devices ensure seamless operations in demanding industrial environments.

  1. Healthcare Innovation with Embedded Box PCs

In the healthcare sector, Embedded Box PCs contribute significantly to innovation. These devices form the backbone of medical equipment, ensuring precision and reliability. Applications range from diagnostic imaging systems to patient monitoring, where the compact design and high performance of Embedded Box PCs shine.

  1. Transportation and Logistics Efficiency

Efficiency is the key in transportation and logistics, and Embedded Box PCs excel in optimizing these processes. From managing fleet operations to ensuring supply chain visibility, these devices enhance efficiency, reliability, and data processing in the dynamic field of transportation.

  1. Smart Retail Solutions

In the retail landscape, Embedded Box PCs are quietly revolutionizing operations. From point-of-sale systems to inventory management, these devices contribute to a seamless and efficient retail experience. The compact design ensures they fit seamlessly into diverse retail environments.

  1. Digital Signage and Entertainment

Embedded Box PCs are also making waves in the world of entertainment and digital signage. Their compact size, combined with robust computing power, makes them ideal for driving interactive displays, digital signage solutions, and entertainment systems, offering a captivating experience to the audience.

The Heart of the Matter: Why Embedded Box PCs Matter

  1. Enhanced Performance

Embedded Box PCs are not just compact; they are powerhouses of performance. Their ability to handle complex tasks with precision makes them an ideal choice for applications demanding high computing capabilities.


  1. Space-Efficient Design

The compact form factor of Embedded Box PCs doesn’t compromise performance. Businesses benefit from their space-saving design, allowing for efficient use of real estate in various applications.

embedded box pcs

JIERUICC‘s embedded box PC stands out as a beacon of innovation and performance


GT2000 Embedded box PC with dual nic rj45 gigabit lan port and 4 rs232 com port. Support pre-install Windows XP and embedded Windows Embedded Standard 7. Equipped with high compatibility Intel Celeron 1037U/Core i5-3317U processor. For some older equipment, that must install this embedded operating system, you can buy this GT2000 Embedded box PC, which is cost-effective.


JIERUICC GT4000, GT5000 Embedded box PC, The interfaces of the two embedded box PCs are the same, but the appearance designs are different. Rich interfaces, 2 RJ45 Gigabit network ports, GT4000 with dual HDMI display interface, GT5000 with VGA+HDMI dual display. 4 USB3.0, 4 USB2.0, onboard SIM Card slot, can support 3G/4G Module network, GT4000 supports 6 RS232 serial ports, and COM1 and COM 2 of GT5000 can be set in the BIOS to support conversion to RS422 RS485 serial ports. These two models are mainly 4th generation processors equipped with Core i3 i5 i7. They have stable performance and have been popular in the industrial automation industry for many years.


If you want to pursue a higher-performance embedded box PC, please take a look at JIERUICC’s GT3000 GT6000 GT7000 GT8000 GT9000. They support up to Intel 12th generation processors, such as I5-1235U, and I7-1255U. They not only have rich interfaces (COM, GPIO, USB, PS2, DP, 3G/4G network, etc…) but also have strong performance. Furthermore, they can install the Windows 10 IoT Enterprise operating system, making them the perfect choice for high-end applications


JIERUICC has been committed to the research development and production of embedded box PCs that are most suitable for the industrial automation industry, escorting Industry 4.0.


Shaping the Future of Technology

In conclusion, Embedded Box PCs matter because they are the unsung heroes driving efficiency, precision, and innovation across various industries. From industrial automation to healthcare, transportation, retail, and entertainment, these devices shape the future of technology by providing reliable, high-performance solutions in a compact form factor. As technology advances, the significance of Embedded Box PCs will only continue to grow, influencing how we interact with and benefit from technological advancements.

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