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The Most Cost-effective N100 Mini PC

N100 CPU

In the past year, a very cost-effective mini computer – N100 Mini PC – has appeared on the market. Major manufacturers are vying to use this CPU to produce various minicomputers. Intel N100 belongs to Intel’s Alder Lake-N processor series. The range is based on the energy-efficient Gracemont architecture. Intel N100 processor adopts Intel 7 process, 4 cores and 4 threads, turbo frequency 3.4GHz, core display of 24EU, powerful computing power, and TDP of only 6W. After comparing it in PassMark, it is not difficult to find that if the N100 has to be compared with the familiar i3\i5\i7, it is roughly equivalent to the i3-8100\i5-7440EQ.


N100 CPU


What’s more worth mentioning is that the cooling system of the N100 Mini PC is also very good. The N100 is an ultra-low-power CPU with a TDP of only 6W. It can be designed as a mini-computer without a fan or with a fan. The fanless design uses a radiator to conduct heat to the aluminum alloy shell to assist in heat dissipation, or a fan uses copper tubes to conduct heat, which can effectively reduce the internal temperature of the chassis and maintain good operating conditions.


N100 Mini PC supports M.2 2280/2242 SSD solid state drive and DDR4 or DDR5 memory expansion, WiFi6 wireless network, and Bluetooth 5.2 transmission protocol, allowing you to enjoy high-speed and stable network connection anytime and anywhere.


At the same time, two HDMI2.0 interfaces that support 4K/60Hz output mean that a dual-screen display can be achievedFor the organization and display of some data, two monitors are more efficient. In addition, it supports a Gigabit network port (2.5G), USB2.0 interface & USB3.2 interface, audio interface, etc., which can fully meet the needs of daily office and home entertainment. Due to the high performance and cost-effective price of the N100 CPU, this CPU is widely used in many types of minicomputers


JERUICC’s N100 mini computer product line recommendation


1. The most cost-effective business office mini PC N100-GT790




– Onboard Intel Alder Lake Gen12 N100 3.4GHz Quad Core Four Threads

– Support 2*HDMI 1.4+DP 1.2 Three display output synchronously.

– Support 1*DDR4 RAM slot. Max up to 32GB

– 2*RJ45 Giga LANs (2.5G)

-2*USB3.0 + 6*USB2.0+1SPK+1MIC

– Built-in WI-Fi & Bluetooth with external antennas make the signal more

stable and stronger.

– Support PXE, Auto Power On, RTC, Wake On LAN

-Support VESA Bracket mounted on the backside of the monitor


2. Personal handheld mini computer-N100 M6s


M6s N100 M6s N100


-Intel Alder Lake N100 (up to 3.4GHz)

-Onboard 12GB LPDDR5 RAM, 128/256/512GB 2242 NVMe SSD

-2*HDMI2.0(4K@60HZ Dual Screen Display)

-Compact Size 72*72*45mm

-1*RJ45 LAN 2.5G+WiFi5 2.4G/5G (802.11ac)

-Preinstall Windows 11 Pro OS


3. Super Cost-effective industrial mini pc GT1100-N100




Dimension: 170*125*50MM

CPU: Intel Alder Lake Gen12 N100 3.4GHz Quad Core Four Threads

GPU: Intel UHD Graphics

Ram: 1xDDR4 SODIMM slot, 2133/2666/3200MHz

SSD: Support 1*M.2 2280 NVMe/PCIE3.0x2/SATA+1*MSATA

HDD: Support 2.5 inch 7mm SATA HDD/SSD

WiFi: 1*M.2 2230 slot for Wi-Fi & Bluetooth module

RJ45: 2*100/1000M realtek chip

I/O: 2 x USB3.0 + 2*USB2.0, 2 x HDMI 1.4, 1 x DP 1.2, 2 x RJ45 LAN, 2 x DB9 COM, 1 x SPK, 1 x MIC, 1 x switch, 1 x DC IN

OS: Windows 10/11/OPNsesne/Ubuntu etc

-Fanless system, without a cooling fan, works as long as 7×24 hours.


4. The Best choice for pfSense Router–GT4L-N100


GT4L-N100 GT4L-N100

-4*Intel i226-V B3 2.5G RJ45 LANs Network 

-1xDDR5 4800Mhz SODIMM RAM, max support 32GB.

-Support two storage: 1xM.2 2280 NVMe/PCIE3.0 SSD+1×2.5”SATA SSD/HDD.

-2*USB3.0, 2*USB2.0. Two Wi-Fi antenna holes support external Wi-Fi antenna 

-Support 4K@60Hz UHD video display(1xHD-MI2.0 and 1xDP1.4).

-1xSIM slot, 1xMPCIE wireless slot, support WiFi/3G/4G(3 choose 1) connection.

-Support AES-NI, ESXI,  PVE, Watchdog, Auto power on, RTC, PXE boot, Wake-on-LAN, etc.

-Windows 10/Windows 11/OPNsesne/Ubuntu/pfSense etc


To sum up, the N100 mini PC is not only suitable for business offices, HTPC, and industrial automation industries but also very suitable for soft routers. It can also be used as a NAS (the N100 processor beats other NASs on the market). N100 Mini PC, this is a magical Treasure Mini PC, 

if you have these needs, please contact OEM Mini PC Manufacturer, JIERUICC now, The Best service & price are always here for you!


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