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Smart transportation – Fanless Industrial Pc Application for Vehicle-Road Collaborative Intelligent Interaction


Smart transportation – Fanless Industrial Pc Application for Vehicle-Road Collaborative Intelligent Interaction


With the rapid development of urbanization, the living standards of urban residents have been rapidly improved, but the problems of road traffic safety and efficiency have become increasingly serious. Building an intelligent transportation system has become the key to solving the current urban development problems. How to use artificial intelligence and other technologies to solve traffic management and control problems and intelligently improve the efficiency of urban transportation operations has become a core issue that cities and governments need to solve urgently.

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1. Industry science popularization

Smart transportation refers to using information and communication technology, artificial intelligence, and other advanced technologies to comprehensively upgrade and optimize the transportation system to achieve intelligent, efficient, safe, and convenient transportation. Among them, vehicle-road collaborative intelligent interaction is an important part of smart transportation.

Vehicle-road collaborative smart interaction refers to realizing information exchange and intelligent collaboration between vehicles and transportation infrastructure through various technical means such as vehicle-mounted equipment, roadside equipment, and cloud platforms, realizing the sharing and interaction of traffic information, and improving the efficiency of the transportation system: efficiency and safety.

JIERUICC GT7000 emerged as a reliable Fanless industrial PC to help with intelligent traffic monitoring.


2. Application Scenarios

           As one of the core devices for vehicle-road collaborative intelligent interaction, the Fanless industrial PC’s applications mainly include the following aspects:

Vehicle intelligent driving system: The Fanless industrial PC can be used as the core control device of the vehicle intelligent driving system to realize intelligent control and management of the vehicle, such as environmental perception, route planning, navigation, etc.

Traffic monitoring system: Fanless industrial PC can realize data collection, processing, and storage of traffic monitoring systems, such as traffic cameras, vehicle identification systems, etc.

Smart street light system: The Fanless industrial PC can be used as the core control device of the smart street light system to realize intelligent control and management of street lights, such as automatically adjusting brightness and light color according to vehicle driving conditions.

Traffic flow optimization system: The Fanless industrial PC can realize data collection, processing, and analysis of the traffic flow optimization system, such as vehicle driving data analysis to improve traffic flow and traffic efficiency.


Based on this background, JIERUICC has reached product cooperation with XXX Company in Southeast Asia on Fanless industrial PCs.


3. Customer introduction

Southeast Asia XXX Company is an enterprise specializing in vehicle testing, assessment, technical research, and standard formulation. Founded in 1996, the company’s main business includes motor vehicle safety performance testing, emission testing, appearance testing, damage assessment, etc. Its testing center has advanced equipment and technology and can provide comprehensive testing services for cars, motorcycles, electric vehicles, new energy vehicles, etc. In addition, the company actively participates in formulating national vehicle inspection standards and industry specifications to promote the development of China’s vehicle inspection industry.

4. Customer Requirements

    1. Need unattended watchdog function
    2. Requires 1 PCIE expansion slot
    3. Support the Linux operating system
    4. Need to support Working temperature operation of high and low temperatures of -20℃-70℃
    5. Fanlessdesign without FAN
    6. Dual Network ports, 6 COM ports, 8 USB ports
    7. Support customer-supplied software

5. Solution

Model: JIERUICC fanless industrial pc GT7000

Hardware solution: Fanless design, CPU: I7-10510U, RAM DDR4 32G, SSD: 2TB Mvme

fanless mini pc jieruicc GT7000

6. Reasons for recommendation

(1) Product advantages of Fanless industrial PC GT7000:

  1. Can support customized LOGO
  2. Product functions and performance meet customer needs
  3. Rich interfaces to meet project needs
  4. Fanless industrial PCmeets ambient temperature operating conditions
  5. The cabinet size is limited, and the industrial computer is small and can be installed.
  6. GT7000-applied-in-Intelligent-Transportation-System



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