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JIERUICC’s Industrial Panel PCs Applied to Laser Marking Machine

JIERUICC’s Industrial Panel PCs Applied to Laser Marking Machine

A laser marking machine is a high-precision, high-efficiency non-contact processing equipment that uses a high-energy-density laser beam to locally irradiate the surface of a material, causing physical or chemical changes in the surface material, thereby leaving a permanent mark. This equipment is widely used in industrial production to mark and engrave the surfaces of various metal and non-metal materials, such as production date, serial number, brand logo, pattern, etc.


Industry Application Requirements


The application of embedded Industrial Panel PCs in the field of laser marking machines demonstrates the deep integration of information technology and high-end manufacturing technology. Industrial Panel PCs, with their high performance, stable and reliable characteristics, can effectively improve the operating efficiency and processing accuracy of laser marking machines, thereby optimizing the entire production process.


At present, in the marking and printing industry, laser marking has occupied 90% of the market. Laser marking machines can print various serial codes, batch numbers, barcodes, QR codes, micro-marks, texts, symbols, etc. The character size can range from millimeters to microns, which is of great significance to product anti-counterfeiting.


The application of Industrial Panel PCs in the field of laser marking machines not only improves the convenience of operation and processing accuracy, but also provides strong technical support for the further development and in-depth application of laser marking technology. It is an important force in promoting the development of laser marking technology towards intelligence and networking.

Embedded Industrial Panel PCs




The JIERUICC embedded Industrial Panel PCs series products, with its excellent computing performance and robust environmental adaptability, provides efficient and comprehensive solutions for the field of laser marking machines. Through the optimized human-computer interaction design, the real-time monitoring of the working status of the laser marking machine, precise parameter adjustment, intuitive image preview and flexible operation management are realized, providing a first-class visual presentation and operation experience.


Stability of JIERUICC Industrial Panel PCs


The JIERUICC embedded Industrial Panel PCs series emphasizes continuous and stable operation in extreme industrial environments, a wide operating temperature range (-10℃ to 60℃) and wide voltage input (DC 12V to 36V), plus its excellent anti-static and anti-electromagnetic interference performance, ensuring the stable operation of the equipment 7*24 hours.


In terms of system and software compatibility, the JIERUICC embedded Industrial Panel PCs is equipped with a high-performance control motherboard developed using advanced manufacturing processes, integrating chip technology from top suppliers such as Intel and Rockchip, providing strong processing capabilities to ensure the smooth execution of the laser marking process. The entire series of products supports multi-architecture systems and is compatible with multiple operating systems including Windows, Android, Linux, etc., meeting a wide range of application development needs.

Embedded Industrial Panel PCs


Compatibility of JIERUICC Industrial Panel PCs

At the same time, JIERUICC embedded Industrial Panel PCs products also provide easy-to-use SDK development packages and customizable firmware services, ensuring seamless integration with various industrial applications such as marking software, graphics processing software, and MES systems, supporting the uniqueness of product identification and cross-platform information tracking, which is fully in line with the future development trend of Industry 4.0.


In this case, the customer’s application equipment is an integrated marking machine, and selected JIERUICC 15.6-inch embedded Industrial Panel PCs, model name is GTP156-W210.


JIERUICC GTP156-W210 embedded Industrial Panel PCs, the whole machine design and performance application meet the needs of laser marking machines. Windows system, simple interface, simple operation. High performance, low power consumption, suitable for the operating platform of the human-machine interface of automation equipment, support 7X24 hours of uninterrupted operation. The cabinet adopts aluminum alloy structure design, high-specification LCD screen and touch screen, seamless bonding, front panel reaches IP65 level dust and water resistance, the all-in-one machine has passed constant temperature and constant humidity quality inspection; the whole machine is fully enclosed, the rear cover heat dissipation hole design, good heat dissipation, the back speaker hole adopts industrial sound-transmitting material technology, with low power consumption, high integration, good stability, easy installation, smooth and beautiful, small cabinet space occupation and other advantages, this product adopts panel embedded installation, only 4 buckles need to be tightened to complete, installation and maintenance are very simple.



JIERUICC has been intensively cultivated in the field of industrial control for many years and has accumulated rich industry solutions and technical experience. In terms of product design, overall performance, software system and customization of functional modules, JIERUICC can provide comprehensive and mature support to ensure the scalability and flexibility of products and seamlessly respond to different intelligent scene requirements.


Looking to the future, JIERUICC will continue to strengthen the comprehensive capabilities of “hardware”, keep up with the pace of the times, promote technological innovation, and continuously iterate and upgrade products and services. JIERUICC is committed to providing solid technical support and solutions for various industries in the intelligent and digital revolution, helping customers achieve intelligent upgrades and value growth in their businesses.



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