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Industrial embedded computers

JIERUICC provides a complete selection of rugged embedded automation computers, with wire-free designs, including fanless box computers and industrial-grade control boxes. Each industrial computer features a small size, rich I/O interfaces, multiple expansion solutions, and diverse installation methods, and can be widely used in various automation applications in the environment.

The GT1200, GT1300, and GT1400 series are high-performance Industrial Embedded Computers designed with DIN rails; they can be installed on rails and meet C1D2 standards. They are suitable for industrial IoT gateway applications in a wide range of industrial fields and serve as communication protocol conversion, I/O control, Data storage, and other functions.

Industrial embedded computers

Digital signage, Smart Education, Conference and exhibition halls, and other places need to be equipped with suitable industrial-embedded computers. JIERUICC industrial control digital signage high-definition media industrial PC can meet your needs for large screens in outdoor work and industrial sites.

The two digital signage industrial Embedded PCs GT1100-N100 and GT1200 recommended by JIERUICC, industrial Embedded PCs adopt all-aluminum alloy shells to assist heat dissipation. These two models are equipped with the 12th Celeron N100 and Intel i5 i7 7th, 8th, and 10th generation low-power processors with fast running performance. , equipped with industrial memory and Msata/M.2 high-speed SSD, smooth data interaction, and stable use; the port is equipped with dual display ports and triple display (GT1100 with 2HDMI 1DP), supporting 4K high-definition display; dual network ports, connected to industrial cameras;

2 -6-channel serial port RS232 RS422 RS485 and multiple USB channels can meet the connection needs of external devices; it can support a 4G module, Bluetooth wireless WiFi module, and dual networks at the same time.


IoT control terminals are used in many industries today, such as logistics robots, smart factories, etc. The application of IoT control in these places improves work efficiency, reduces labor costs, makes management more convenient, and shortens time. It is A hotly debated must-have for industrial production and repetitive workplaces.

JIERUICC provides industrial IoT fanless mini pc GT4000, GT5000, and GT6000. The configuration and performance meet the needs of many fields. They support Core 4th, 8th, and 10th generation U series low-power CPUs, industrial stable high-capacity memory, and Msata/M.2 high-speed transmission. The hard disk not only improves computing but also shortens the time of data interaction; not only that, dual network multi-channel serial ports and USB meet the needs of various connected devices in the industrial Internet of Things, and then realize things and things through network functions such as 4G/wireless WiFi. Connection control, good signal, and low delay enhance the matching ability of the Internet of Things.

Industrial embedded computers

For some special environments in heavy industry, it is indispensable for industrial computers to have wide temperatures and wide voltage. Especially when working outdoors at high and low temperatures, the operating performance of the industrial mini PC will be greatly affected. The wide temperature plays an important role in meeting the requirements. Normal operation and stable state under special circumstances.

JIERUICC provides wide-temperature and wide-voltage fanless industrial computers GT8000 and GT9000, which meet the market’s demand for heavy industrial work. It not only meets the installation requirements in terms of space but also improves the overall performance and environmental adaptability in terms of function. These two industrial mini pc are equipped with a Celeron i5 i7 8th, 9th, or 10th generation processor, which speeds up data processing and multi-tasking functions in terms overall processing performance; coupled with an M.2 high-speed hard drive, the overall performance is further improved, and the ports support 2*2.5G network ports or 2-6 RS232/422/485 serial ports provide good host supporting functions for machine vision data analysis and control equipment. At the same time, these two industrial mini PCs also have 4G/wireless WiFi module expansion functions, which enhances the overall suitability of the host.

Industrial embedded computers

Low-power IoT industrial mini PCs are preferred in places such as robots, education, medical care, subways, etc. The equipment in these places requires host IoT control and intelligent IoT through network wireless signal transmission.

Industrial embedded computers

JIERUICC industrial control low-power fanless industrial computers GT1000, GT2000, GT3000, GT1300, GT1400 (Support 5G network), from low-end Celeron n2920 processor to high-end Core 12th generation i5 processor, each performance can reflect the performance of the host. Working status in different fields, it is equipped with industrial memory and hard disk to ensure the stability of operation; at the same time, These industrial mini PCs are equipped with multiple serial ports RS232 RS422 RS485 and 6-8 USB to meet the port applicability of external devices; at the same time, the display port is configured according to the High and low applications, equipped with a 2K~4K resolution display port, supporting dual displays or 3 displays; Gigabit dual network port design, onboard SIM card slot, can support 4G/5G/wireless WiFi module functions (depending on the internal model) Determined by mini-PCIe and M.2 slot). According to the specific needs of the project, select the corresponding industrial computer to maximize performance and cost-effectiveness.

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