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The Ultimate Guide to Buying A Mini PC

N100 Mini PC for office use

Speaking of computer host types that are small in size and easy to carry, in addition to laptops, there is the protagonist of this article PC. There is currently no certain standard for “mini size”, but it usually refers to a computer stick that is less than 5L in size, and there are also computer sticks that are only slightly larger than a pen drive. Mini computers are compact in appearance but have the same functions and performance as Traditional desktop computers. Compared with notebook products, they have the added advantage of being able to freely choose a screen. They are quite suitable for users with limited space and who prefer large screens. Therefore, they have become the first choice for enterprises and individuals to choose a computer for office work in recent years.


However, what configuration should be equipped in such a cramped body, and what should we pay attention to when purchasing? How can I buy a mini PC that is satisfactory to use? This must be a big problem for consumers who are new to this type of product. Therefore, this article will introduce the purchasing guide in terms of CPU specifications, performance cores, heat dissipation, etc., and recommend JIERUICC’s best-selling office mini-computer models for your reference and choice!


  1. Mini PC purchasing guide

Before getting into product recommendations, let’s take a look at what you need to pay attention to when purchasing!


Choose the appropriate configuration according to your needs


Mini computer


In terms of usage, computers can be roughly divided into Light office work (mainly web browsing and OFFICE software applications, writing emails, etc.), Gaming, Video editing, Drawing & design, etc. The required mini-computer configurations are different. In addition, a Mini PC with better configurations is also more expensive, so you should first determine the main purpose and then look for a machine with matching configurations. This way, it will not be difficult to find a mini PC that is satisfactory to use and fits your budget.


intel CPU

1>CPU processor


CPU specifications will directly affect the operating performance of the system, and will also determine the operating range of the computer. Due to limitations in size and cooling performance, most mini computers often use laptop-level Intel Core i3 to i5 low-voltage versions of CPUs; computer sticks use lower-end Celeron processors or Atom processors. series, its performance can only be used for Lightweight tasks such as browsing web pages and MS Office applications.


However, with the advancement of technology, now also have mini-computers specially designed for gaming or drawing & design. Their processors can reach Intel Core i7 to i9, which can smoothly edit videos or play games. Therefore, if you want your computer to be used for a wider range of purposes, it is recommended that you at least choose a mini-computer with a processor level above Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen R5.


The number of CPU cores represents its multi-tasking capability. The more cores there are, it is like having more people dividing the work, allowing multiple data operations to be performed at the same time. Taking the Intel Core series as an example, from the i3 dual-core to the 11th generation i7 and i9 eight-core, the more cores there are, the stronger the multi-tasking performance will be. For general daily office use, quad-core is more than enough, but if you have drawing and design needs, it is recommended to choose six-core or 8-core to make the operation smoother.


In addition to core count, clock speed is another important performance indicator. The clock represents the computing cycle of the processor (the common unit is GHz). The higher the value, the faster the computing speed. Even if it is the same 11th-generation i7 eight-core CPU, there will be a performance difference of 1.4GHz to 3.6GHz depending on the product classification. This information will be marked on the mini PC specification sheet. As long as you have a good grasp of these key figures when choosing, you will be fine. You can select a CPU with suitable performance.


2>Choose the appropriate RAM/SSD capacity


RAM:SSD capacity


Memory plays a vital role in the speed of use of minicomputers. It is like a high-speed driving lane. If it is a single lane, the speed and number of passing vehicles will be greatly reduced. If it is a two-lane or With multiple lanes, the number and speed of vehicles it can pass will be greatly increased. In addition, the memory speeds of DDR3L, DDR4, and DDR5 are different. The higher the frequency of memory, the faster it runs. Of course, the type of memory is determined by the mini computer’s CPU and motherboard. DDR5 memory can only be used for Intel 12th or above CPUs, and cannot be used for Celeron’s low-end CPUs.


The type and capacity of the hard drive will also affect the reading speed of the mini-computer. Common hard drive types are Msata, SATA (2.5inch), and the latest M.2 SSD, with capacities ranging from 16GB to 2TB. The more advanced the hard drive type, the faster the reading speed. but the price is also the most expensive. For example, M.2 SSD is the most expensive. Consumers can choose the appropriate hard drive type and capacity according to their own needs to maximize cost performance.


If it is used for daily lightweight office work, choose 8GB of memory and 256GB of hard disk.  For video editing, 4K or 8K video playback, etc., you need to choose RAM 16 or 32GB, SSD 512GB-1TB.


3>Independent graphics cards bring the best user experience


Discrete graphics card


The display chip is a small processor responsible for executing graphics functions. It mainly displays the system’s operation results on the screen. It can be divided into two categories: integrated graphics cards and independent graphics cards. Common integrated graphic cards such as Intel UHD Iris Xe series and AMD Vega 8, while the display chips on independent graphics cards are mainly from NVIDIA and AMD.


Although the processing performance of core graphics has improved rapidly recently, if you need to play AAA games, 3D graphics, or high-end creations, you still need a separate graphics card to have sufficient computing performance. However, high-end graphics cards often come with their cooling fans for cooling purposes, so they cannot be installed in particularly small hosts. Models that require independent graphics cards, such as gaming or graphics, can only be reduced to a “relatively mini” size. Generally, performance and mini PC size need to be considered when purchasing.



  1. Pay attention to the heat dissipation design


Radiator built into the chassis


To save space, some minicomputers adopt a fanless design and are equipped with low-heat components. The benefit is that they can operate in complete silence. However, without active cooling, the effectiveness of the passive cooling design in dissipating heat is crucial.  Common passive cooling methods include adding heat sinks, adopting an aluminum alloy design for the chassis, and increasing the number of ventilation holes to help heat air escape as quickly as possible, but these methods can only meet the needs of low-heat operations.


If you want to perform complex computing tasks, it is still recommended to choose a mini PC with a cooling fan installed inside or in the chassis to ensure stable operation of the system. Generally, when purchasing, you should comprehensively consider various aspects such as the heat generation status of the internal components, the heat dissipation design, and whether a fan can be installed.


  1. The I/O Ports of Mini PC



Whether for work or leisure and entertainment, many people now use dual screens or three screens to increase work efficiency. Whether a mini-computer can provide multi-screen output mainly depends on the display chip or independent graphics card specifications. These can be confirmed in the product specification sheet to understand the supported output types and number of monitors. For example, some models provide Dual HDMI output, and there are also mDP plus HDMI configurations. Those who like high-definition displays need to further confirm whether they support 4K image transmission.

In addition to screen output, if it can also have other commonly used I/O interfaces, such as USB, RJ45, Type-c, etc., it will increase the convenience of use. Generally speaking, larger sizes can provide more types and numbers of connectors. If compactness is the most important consideration, some I/O interface types may be sacrificed and adapters or expansion kits may be used instead. The method can be supplemented, and this part can be chosen according to personal needs.


  1. Mini computer recommendation

After reading the above introduction, I believe everyone has a basic idea of how to choose a mini-computer. Next, I will recommend 4 hot-selling mini-computers with different characteristics from JIERUICC for your reference and choice!


1 JIERUICC Fanless Mini PC N100 (GT790)

Get mid- to high-end performance at a low price


N100 Real Image


JIERUICC Fanless mini PC GT790-N100 features a small size, low energy consumption, and a fanless design. It looks like a lunch box and does not take up much space when placed on the table. It can also be mounted behind the screen with a Vesa bracket to give full play to the advantages of a mini-computer.

GT790 is equipped with Intel Alder Lake Gen12 N100 3.4GHz Quad Core Four Threads, and Intel® UHD Graphics, which can smoothly run various office software, send and receive emails, watch high-definition videos, etc., and also run Photoshop software smoothly. Dual Nic, 2 x HDMI 1.4+DP 1.2 Three display output synchronously can meet the needs of users to support multi-screen output. Based on the performance of this mini PC, you won’t need to replace your computer for about five years after you buy it. The price is very affordable and very cost-effective. It is also small in size. It can completely replace a desktop computer for ordinary users.


CPU: Intel Alder Lake Gen12 N100 3.4GHz Quad Core Four Threads

RAM: 1* SO-DIMM DDR4 Slot Support 4GB/8GB/16GB DDR4-2133/2400/2666hz

SSD: 1 x M-SATA3.0 / 1 x M.2 slot for NVME 2280 SSD / 1 x SATA3.0(2.5inch)

I/O Ports: 2 x USB3.0 + 6*USB2.0+2 x HDMI 1.4, 1 x DP 1.2+2 x RJ45 Giga LAN+ 1 x MIC, 1 x SPK

Graphic card: Intel® UHD Graphics



Create your personal computer as you wish


Cheap mini pc GT650


JIERUICC’s GT650, I would like to call it the king of cost performance, because it brings a different experience from traditional desktop PC. Its internal scalability can be said to be quite amazing. It not only has expansion slots for a total of 3 hard drives but also supports a memory capacity of up to 64GB. It also has rich interfaces to meet the peripheral needs of daily work.

Users can choose the appropriate specifications based on their budget and needs. Even if they want to play less demanding games after work, they can still get relatively smooth visual effects.


CPU: Core i5-4200M / i5-6400 / i5-8400H / i7-8750H / i7-10870H optional

RAM: i5-4200m Support 1 x SO-DIMM DDR3L Slot laptop ram, Max 8GB

i5-6400/i5-8400H/i7-8750H/i7-10870H are support 2*DDR4 laptop ram,max 64GB

SSD: 1 x M-SATA3.0 / 1 x M.2 slot for NVME 2280 SSD / 1 x SATA3.0(2.5inch) refer to CPU

I/O Ports: 2 x USB3.0 + 4*USB2.0+1 x HDMI 1.4, 1 x VGA+1 x RJ45 Giga LAN+ 1 x MIC, 1 x SPK

Graphic card: Intel HD Graphics / Intel® UHD Graphics


3 JIERUICC AMD Ryzen mini pc (S500+)

Small size yet powerful performance


AMD Ryzen R9 Mini PC s500+


Many people’s impression of mini computers is that they are easy to carry but slightly lacking in performance. However, this mini-computer S500+ launched by JIERUICC almost breaks this stereotype. In the memory part, there is a maximum capacity of 64GB to choose from, and an SSD of up to 2TB. AMD Radeon 8 Graphics core display, and built-in fan, provide efficient heat dissipation performance, making the device run more stable and quieter; plus USB3.2, 1 x DP1.4, 1 x HDMI2.0, 1 x Type -C and other 11 rich interfaces can connect various peripherals, and the expandability is quite excellent.

It is equipped with a mid-to-high-end AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX with 8 cores 16 threads 3.3GHz up to 4.6GHz processor. The overall performance is much higher than that of other mini computers. Even if it does not have a discrete graphics card, the internal graphics can handle video encoding and other parts. It is so comfortable that it can have a usage experience close to that of a general desktop computer, and it can operate smoothly even for professional purposes such as 3D games and video editing.


4 Mechanical Revolution Mini Gaming Computer (HT230)

A mini gaming computer for professional eSports enthusiasts


Mini Gaming PC RTX4060 HT230


As a professional e-sports mini-computer, JIERUICC Mini Gaming PC HT230 uses 12th-13th generation Intel Core i7/i9 processors and RTX 4060 graphics cards. It has strong running scores and can easily run various large-scale games without any hindrance. As for heat dissipation, it has built-in precision The copper heat pipe, combined with the large fan design and independent graphics card dual fans, can stably run high-load programs. As well as high-speed DDR4/DDR5 memory and 4-slot M.2 SSD solid-state drive, the performance is directly pushed to the extreme.


In addition, the Mini PC HT230 size is only 320mm (L) x 240mm (W) x 57mm (H), and the weight is 3.5KG. It can be placed either vertically or horizontally, and its portability is acceptable. 4 display outputs (2 x DP1.4 (8K@60Hz), 2 x HDMI2.0 (4K@60Hz)) can support 4 screens, bringing the ultimate gaming video experience. It is very suitable for e-sports players and professional designers. With comprehensive performance, cooling, portability, and expandability, it is a powerful and flexible e-sports mini computer.




CPU: Core i7-10870H / i9-10980HK / i5-13420H / i7-12650H / i7-12700F / i7-13620H / i7-13700F optional

RAM: i7-12650H/ i5-13420H/i7-13620H: 2 x SO-DIMM DDR5 slots, 4800MHz

i7-10870/i9-10980HK: 2 x SO-DIMM DDR4 slots, 3200MHz

i5-6400/i5-8400H/i7-8750H/i7-10870H are support 2*DDR4 laptop ram,max 64GB

SSD: 2 x M.2 2280 SATA / NVME (PCIE3.0+PCIE4.0)SSD / 1 x 2.5 inch SATA SSD/HDD

I/O Ports: 4 x USB3.0 + 2*USB2.0+2 x HDMI2.0(4K@60Hz), 2 x DP1.4(8K@60Hz)+2 x RJ45 Giga LAN+ 1 x MIC, 1 x SPK

Graphic card: Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060M 12G / GTX1660S 6G GDDR6 / RTX4060 8GB / RTX4070 optional


  1. Summary

In this era where more and more emphasis is placed on efficient use of space, more unique mini computer products will surely appear on the market in the future. I hope that through the purchasing guide and recommended hot-selling models introduced this time, you will have a better understanding of how to purchase a suitable mini PC. In addition to the above, it is also very important to choose a brand or supplier with a long-term warranty and good after-sales service. I also hope that everyone can find their favorite mini PC through this article and add a good partner for life, entertainment, or office!


Welcome to contact JIERUICC, We will provide you with professional purchase guidance and recommend suitable mini-computer products so that you can buy with confidence and use with comfort!


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