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The Advantages of Buying a Compact Personal Computer: Micro PC and NUC Mini PC


In today’s marketplace, the technology needs to be dynamic for modern-day customers. One of the latest developments is a compact PC. Smaller PCs, starting with micro PCs and NUC Mini PCs, will maximize your results. Even though the design may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, the advantages are the same.




Get the work done with a micro pc

Micro PC has an excellent capacity to perform tasks within seconds. You can use it to enhance your graphic designs. Furthermore, the compact PC will ensure it is smoother to run your business. You can complete tasks quickly. If your nature of work only involves using basic tools, the micro PC is excellent for CAD drawing and 3D modeling. You can render on the computer reliably. Lastly, editing documents, data entry, and creating presentations is a breeze with the micro pc.




NUC Mini PC is environmentally friendly.

The NUC Mini PCs are sustainable. They are constructed from an all-aluminum body that does not rust or scratch. It will not react adversely to the surroundings. Thus, keeping the component safe. Therefore, you can easily use the mini tower computer for entertainment and design purposes, and it is ideal for running tasks that handle high configuration and high computing. In addition, use it to create striking designs. If you need online meeting scenarios or online teaching, be sure to choose NUC Mini PC!




The above two compact mini-computers have very surprising things in common:


Easy to install

It attaches to the back of your monitor in just two easy steps. First, secure the stand to the computer. VESA mounts are extremely secure and will last for years. In the next step, install the bracket in the desired location using the appropriate screws. Ultimately, this combines the two, saving desk space and making your workspace better organized. Professional computer users believe that mounting a mini PC can reduce the clutter of wires and equipment, making the overall appearance cleaner. They are also easy to carry and disassemble: after the mini PC is fixed with the monitor, it is more convenient to carry and disassemble. As for the heat dissipation effect of the computer, using a stand can help improve the heat dissipation capacity of the mini PC and avoid affecting performance due to poor heat dissipation.


Multiple outputs

After purchasing the micro PC, you will notice excellent productivity. It has a powerful motherboard and internal mechanism to boost your work-related results. Furthermore, the compact PC also offers triple display outlets. It is compatible with HDMI, Type C, and DP ports so that you can connect multiple monitors at the same time. Now, your work will not interfere with other’s entertainment.


As a special computer product, the interface of NUC Mini PC directly supports the latest interfaces, such as Thunderbolt 3 and 4, HDMI2.1, DP1.4A, etc. These interfaces have relatively large transmission bandwidth, and they can support ultra-4K, 5K displays and 8K display,  which has good support for some high-standard educational and commercial demonstrations. The Thunderbolt interface can also support docking stations and daisy chains, which are currently only available on high-end motherboards or Apple computers. In addition, some products also support wireless charging of mobile phones. These high-end interfaces are currently not available in any mini host at the same price.


Excellent for multiple organizations.

A compact PC is useful for many organizations. Its applications are endless and very versatile. Many enterprises can install it for seamless integration. You will notice the small PCs in banks, schools, and digital signage. Compact PCs are ideal for cloud computing, service centers, supermarkets, and hospitals.


micro pc for business meetings micro pc for home office micro pc for online education


In an office environment, if there are numerous people, an ultra-low-power micro PC can not only simplify the office environment but also greatly reduce the power consumption of the computer, saving energy and environmental protection, especially for relatively expensive commercial electricity and relatively large-scale companies. You can save a lot of money on electricity bills, and over time, this cost will be very staggering.


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There are many advantages to getting a compact personal computer, such as the JIERUIC’s GT970 NUC Mini PC  12th Generation i3-1215U i5-1235U i7-1255U.

And the cost-effective Micro PC GT 870 i5-1135G7 / i7-1165G7 as an Office PC/Education Computer.


In short, you can purchase a Mini PC from JIERUICC to experience the different benefits. If you are very interested, JIERUICC always welcomes you to become our important customer!


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