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Revolutionizing Performance and Efficiency: JIERUICC’s World of Embedded PCS

embedded pc

An embedded PC is a computer system specifically designed for a specific function, usually embedded in other devices to perform specific tasks. This kind of computer system usually has a high degree of reliability, stability, and real-time performance, so it has a wide range of applications in many fields, such as industrial automation and control, intelligent transportation, medical imaging, digital signage, unmanned military and national defense, etc.


In an era when computing excellence is critical, our embedded PC products prove uncompromising performance and greater efficiency. This discussion delves into the complexity of embedded PCs, revealing their versatile applications and profound impact on various industries.


embedded pc


Get to know embedded PCs

The design and development of embedded PCs need to take into account specific hardware and software requirements to ensure that the system can operate stably and reliably. On the hardware side, embedded PCs often feature custom chips and circuit boards to meet specific functional and performance requirements. On the software side, embedded systems typically run specific operating systems and applications to perform specific tasks.


Embedded PCs can operate in normal environments (room temperature conditions) – and are built with industrial-grade components that typically offer a 3 to 5-year life cycle availability plan (sometimes longer). In addition, embedded computers can be deployed in challenging harsh environmental conditions, such as extreme temperature changes (-40°C to 85°C), as well as the risks posed by other influencing factors such as vibration and shock, dust, and humidity in The place.


There are many types of embedded computers, including various motherboards, system (box) PCs, tablets, industrial rack-mounted systems, vehicle-mounted computers, ruggedized tablets, COM (SOM) modules, and more.


Industrial-embedded PC systems are designed with a purpose unique to their users. As a result, they can perform specific functions in a range of harsh environments, such as marine, vehicular, and railway. Essentially, embedded computers process information and control, monitor, or assist in the operation of equipment and machinery.


embedded pc


Benefits of Embedded PCs

For long-term use, embedded PC systems are better than stand-alone general-purpose office” computers. Embedded systems have many advantages, such as:


  • They are task-specific
  • They cover a variety of environments and can handle harsh conditions.
  • Performance is super stable so they are less likely to make mistakes
  • Resistant to shock and vibration
  • System hardware is simplified, reducing overall costs
  • They are available in fanless and dustproof designs
  • Uses less power than desktop systems, ensuring no cooling is required


JIERUICC’s Embedded PCs

JIERUICC has created an industry-specific fanless embedded industrial computer. Compact design, small size, lightweight, small space occupation, simple and flexible installation and maintenance, convenient operation, can be matched with almost any terminal, equipment, or control cabinet.


embedded pc


The product has a fanless design, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly; the onboard memory supports application algorithms and supports large-capacity, high-frequency data transmission, storage, and processing; the CPU integrates graphics control, supports VGA+DVI/HDMI+DP display interfaces, and supports high resolution; Support Gigabit Ethernet/GPIO/LPT/Wi-Fi/3G/4G network, support watchdog function.


Supports Windows and Linux operating systems, and supports desktop/wall-mounted installation; it is built in strict accordance with industrial standards and has the characteristics of low power consumption, good electromagnetic compatibility, high stability, and high reliability. Welcome to inquire!


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