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Industrial PC: The Connection Between Human and Machine

industrial pc for industry 4.0

Also known as Industry 4.0, the New Industrial Revolution is characterized by the ability to intelligently automate production lines. Work that was previously done manually by operators is now largely performed by machines, albeit always under human supervision.

Automation encompasses the entire manufacturing project, from the design of the initial workflow to the implementation of the process.

For everything that involves automation, an Industrial PC is a must. The device acts as a bridge between human supervision and the work performed by machines or smart devices.

Therefore, an industrial PC is a translator capable of converting human thought into machine execution.

For different types of production, there are different types of solutions, but the advantages of industrial PCs in this field are undeniable.


Powerful solution

Industrial PCs are devices specially designed and assembled for a specific working environment. Generally speaking, these devices can be used in harsh conditions, whether due to the environment or the workload. These types of computers are used in areas such as food manufacturing, automobiles, production, and even chemicals and solvents.

For these reasons, industrial PCs have been developed with specific models. Siemens, the leader in automation solutions, has developed 3 formats suitable for this type of industry. Its characteristics provide great advantages for various production environments.


Rack Computer

It is an Industrial PC designed for continuous work (even 24/7). Thanks to the metal box that houses it, it is possible to assemble it and save space in the work area. It can withstand high temperatures, shock and vibration, and electromagnetic elements. It is the perfect system for demanding working conditions as it has the robustness needed to handle harsh environments.

Racl computer

Box industrial computer

Another SIMATIC Industrial PC with powerful functions for the automation industry. It is a compact device with an optimized design. It is scalable, can operate under extreme conditions, and requires no maintenance. Furthermore, although it is a powerful industrial PC, its energy-saving system stands out.

JIERUICC Industrial computer GT2000 Support Windows XP OS

Tablet Industrial PC

The ideal industrial PC for standing operation. It is a device that controls and monitors processes with the aid of a high-resolution display. This SIMATIC series is ideally suited for industrial environments where mobility and precise response are required. It stands out for its interface, precise control of tasks and excellent performance. Like the Box PC, it also achieves huge energy savings.

industrial tablet pc

JIERUICC industrial PCs are one of the best solutions for working in a production environment. Their modularity, software compatibility, and robustness make them leaders in manufacturing. Have you considered the advantages of industrial PCs for your automated processes? If so, please contact us here for more information.


Overall, Jieruicc industrial computers for Industry 4.0 are designed to provide high performance, reliability, and scalability to meet the demanding requirements of modern industrial applications. They are an essential component in enabling the implementation of advanced automation, data analytics, and connectivity in the Industry 4.0 era.


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